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Key Discipline of Procedural Law

 The discipline was founded in 1983; it began to offer Master programs and was authorized as Key Discipline of Hunan Province in 1993, which is the earliest law discipline to provide Master programs and being authorized as the first Key Discipline on law of Hunan Province. In 2001 it was authorized as the Key Discipline of Hunan Province for the second time, and was accepted by Department of Education of Hunan Province as Excellent Level in 2005. It was also authorized as Provincial Key-Discipline of Eleventh Five-Year Plan for the third time in 2006. In 2003 the discipline was authorized to offer Doctor programs. In 2005 the Lawsuit Evidence Law in the discipline was authorized as the National Excellent Course. The academic group of the discipline is powerful with the complete research directions and remarkable scientific achievements. The present Director is Professor Liao Yong’an. In recent years, there are more than forty academic monographs and 360-odd academic papers published, twenty-odd projects got provincial awards and thirty-odd projects of scientific research are undertaken. There are twenty-five staff for teaching and scientific research, including fifteen professors, eight associate professors, two lecturers, eighteen doctors and four doctoral students. There are four stable research directions in the discipline, including science of criminal procedure law, science of civil procedure law, administrative procedural law and procedural law culture.